Your Xing profile headline

The space below your name and your profile picture are where your headline appears. It’s the first thing the viewer looks at when they land at your profile page. Instead of describing who you are and what you do, use these lines to describe a benefit to the viewer.


  • Helping B2B companies generate leads through Xing

  • CMO for high growth SAAS companies

  • Independent content strategist & Social media marketer for tech startups.

  • Now Hiring A-Players in Sales & Customer Success

  • Helping companies generate pipeline using AI at ABC

Some other tips:

  • Use commas and vertical bars to separate the phrases

  • Do not use special characters and symbols to make your headline decorative

  • Do not use all uppercase letters

  • Read what leaders in your industry are writing in their headlines to get inspiration. Don’t copy them. Be creative

  • Do not use email, phone number and URL’s in your headline

Your profile summary

Your summary is the 2nd most important part of your profile that a viewer sees after your Xing profile headline and picture. Thus consider it as a free space that Xing is providing you for selling yourself. However, it is challenging to write an effective profile summary in 2000 characters. If you start reading summaries of other people who are effectively using Xing for sales, you will notice that people use different styles, For example describing their mission, personality, and accomplishments or take a blended theme. Please take some time to read summaries of some successful people in your profession or industry. These are all good ways to start thinking about writing your own summary.

Once you get a good understanding, try writing your profile summary by summarizing your experience and your career highlights. Clearly explain to people how you can help them if they choose to work with you. You should try to write in a way that you seem more personable, approachable and engaging. Please do not rush it up by underestimating the power of a good Xing profile summary.

Break it up

Whether you’re using Xing for sales prospecting you’ll need your profile to be easy to digest if you want people to stick around. If you present them with big chunks of text or long sentences that don’t seem to go anywhere, they’ll turn their attention somewhere else.

Consider breaking up your introduction using headers (like this article does) or by using images, videos, quotes or bulleted lists. Anything that helps to break up the page is going to be good news, although you should still make sure that anything you add supports the overall message that you’re trying to convey.

If you work with a social media marketing professional, the first questions they’ll ask you will be about who you’re trying to reach and what you’re trying to say to them. Ask yourself those same questions before you get started, then when you’ve finished working on your profile, try to look at it through the eyes of those ideal contacts. Be sure to give it a thorough spell check, too.

Get your profile headline and summary checked.

Write a draft; ask your friend, a family member or a colleague to feedback. Review your content as if you are the prospect or candidate you are trying to reach. Make changes. Proofread the content and then publish. You can also include a short call-to-action (such as “book free demo”, “Free 30 minute evaluation and consulting”, “ Download my guide” etc.) so that people know what action you want them to take next. And finally, start making new connections.

Once your profile is ready, you can start inviting people and grow your network. If you are super busy you can also use Xing Automation tool like Zingler to accelerate your Xing invites and messaging.

Happy Networking!

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